Here are two examples of my industrial design work from over the years.

Pet-Mate Ltd.


Launched in 2008, the Large Pressurised Filter from Pet-Mate will cope with a pond size of up to 45,000 litres. The Powerclenz Automatic Cleaning System is designed to make the process of cleaning the filter as simple as possible. My role was to take the existing design and to prepare all Pro-Engineer files for quotation. For the next step I helped to select vendors for injection mould tools. Next, a prototype of the system was built using SLS for the moulded parts and actual components elsewhere. Finally, I helped to prepare the Pro-Engineer files for production. This top of the range model retails for over £600.

Production drawings for WSMR MkIII Carriage Refurbishment.


The Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway Company operates passenger train services from Wrexham (in North Wales) via Shropshire to London. Instead of using EMU or DMU trains which have the engines under the passenger compartments, this railway uses locomotive hauled carriages which are more luxurious and found on longer routes. The carriages being used are the British Rail Mark III. These have been refurbished to modern standards, with Atlan tic employed to redesign the galley and to bring to production the designs for standard and universal access toilets. I was able to assist with production drawings for the GRP panels for the universal access toilet shown above. Using Pro-E for the project meant that we could deliver our project to the suppliers and installation team using both edrawings for 3D viewing and PDF files for production drawings.

Smart Car Specialist Website and Marketing

I’ve worked with Smart Car Specialist, Guildford for over 10 years to maintain their website and to produce their logo and marketing materials. I produced this promotional video using Autodesk Showcase.

Cole & Mason

salt and pepper grinders
salt and pepper mills

During 2006 Cole and Mason wanted to revamp their salt and pepper mills. I helped to conceptualise and bring to production the two models shown above. Left. The Inverta Flip model incorporates a ceramic grinding mechanism which is adjustable at the mechanism. Thus, the adjuster and grinding mechanism can face upright when on the countertop, catching all loose material. Available from Robert Dyas, House of Fraser and other retail shops in the UK from 2006. Software: Solidworks. Materials: Acrylic, TPE, ABS, aluminium, and chrome plated steel. Right. The Seville is a new design, but has a look from the 1970s. The mechanism is traditional metal cast, and adjusted by the cube shaped knobs on top. Available from Debenham’s, BHS, and Heal’s retail shops in the UK from 2006. Software: Solidworks. Materials: Acrylic, aluminium, chrome plated steel, and chrome plated ABS.